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Integration of Banking Analytics in S/4 Hana, FPSL (Financial Product Subledger) and FS-PER (Financial Performance Management) to connect your financial and risk management systems with corporate management and the IT processes that feed consistent data into the organization in real-time for external reporting (e.g. FINMA; SNB) and produce realistic profitability analyses, sustainable decisions and future-oriented strategies


Carve-out or merger requires the separation of the SAP/ERP system landscape or entire IT architectures in addition to many contractual and organizational activities on the buyer and seller side. The top priority is to ensure the uninterrupted continuity of the operational business on the buyer side for Day 1, Day 30 and Day 180.

Design the Model based on the critical information for running the business must be supplied to the buyer while protecting sensitive information from a potential competitor


Support in ideintify, design and implemente the most appropriate EPM SAP solutions provide a single, consistent view of information, which helps organizations streamline budgeting and forecasting, improve strategic planning, develop intuitive profitability models, improve accuracy and consistency of financial and managerial reports, as well as support a corporate culture that values fact-based analysis. 


The blueprinting phase is fundamental to the success of the overall project. This phase sees the design of the standards and processes that are later put into practice in the implementation phase.

During the compact blueprinting project we analyze your business processes and set down your goals. Drawing on our experience from Finance Business operations, we know exactly what is possible and how this can be achieved.


Our training & change management solutions will help your project team in developing and delivering quality based training material, course material, course outlines, course manuals and more.

Our Change management team will help you with new project implementation, upgrades and functional enhancement projects. We believe change management integral component of system or process capability implementation. 


Project Management means an ideal combination of technical expertise, business leadership, management, and project foresight that allows us to effectively lead a team in an entire project lifecycle. 

We have experience running entire SAP projects and integrating both organizations on small and large-scale clients.

Support on provide our clients with realistic project forecasts, deliverable timelines, estimated costs, and resource needs.

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