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Accadueo Consulting is a network of SAP Professionals with different years of experience in large and international transformation programs on Pharma and Banking.



We are a nework of high skileld professionals that have significant and relevant experiences in the services we provided. We think that we can't offer all the SAP services, but we focus on some specific area where we have + 15 years of experiences in bring solution.


We are not a big enterprise and the Price of our consultants and costing are quite reasonable because we don’t have to invest heavily on maintaining  infrastructure and other embedded hidden expenses.


We offer flexible project services that allow you to decide on the level of support you need. Understanding that no two companies have the same requirements, we provide project services that give you the flexibility to decide the precise nature and scope of SAP’s involvement at each stage of your application lifecycle.


On our clients we established ourselves as an experienced project network  demonstrating to stakeholders, sponsors and team members that you have the skills and knowledge to lead complex SAP Finance projects

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